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Outfit of the Week: California Winter

written by Jessica January 13, 2017


California Winter Casual

It’s been raining in California for weeks you guys! It’s amazing, we obviously really need the rain here but we are not used to it AT ALL. I visited our local shopping center today and it was pouring rain, like pouring rain, and I saw a lovely lady wearing flips flops, a tank top, jeans and an umbrella! She looked cold ya’ll!!  Anyway, it got me thinking that maybe us Californians need a little help with seasonal dressing.

I know it can be difficult to look at these outfits and think “how do that translate to my size”? Well, that’s a good question, you don’t have to buy these exact pieces, the best thing to do is use this board as a guide for color and texture.  I promise it will make all the difference.  For instance, if you know that all of your favorite sweaters come from Old Navy or H&M go to those places, look for a shape and fit that you know you feel good in and find something in this color scheme to make this outfit. It doesn’t need to be exact, make it your own!

You exude style when you feel confident. So find pieces that make YOU feel good in your body, purchase pieces that make you excited to wake up and get dressed in the morning.  If you spend a little time prepping your outfits as laid out here getting dressed will be your most favorite part of the day.

So, this weeks #OOTW (Outfit of the Week) is not only super stylish & comfortable but it’s great for a California winter.  Even better, when the weather warms up you can deconstruct this outfit and pair the sweater with shorts… boots with a dress… jeans with a tank and VOILA! You are maximizing your wardrobe and making it worth the investment! Looking good ladies! Enjoy!

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