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Kids Style: Exploring Fashion

written by Jessica January 26, 2015

If I let them, my girl’s (ages 6 and 3) would wear nothing but pajamas and Disney princess nightgowns everywhere we go; and for the most part, I don’t put up a fight. As a new Mom, I never left my house unless I was fully dressed and made up and my oldest daughter, Madison, was dressed in her best head-to-toe.  As time went on and I had a second child, I stopped caring so much about their clothes. It became clear to me through my parenting journey that there are far more important things to worry about than if my kiddo was wearing mismatched socks and pjs with a fancy gown over them.

However, there is something to be said about the beauty of finding a style that makes you feel good and suits you! While my girls love sparkly, glittering dresses 24/7, I thought it would be fun to break the norm and style them in a little photo shoot for Trend Proper– to not only inspire our readers but to inspire my girls.  I want them to explore fashion and their personal style and realize that there is much more to being a girl than just glittery sparkles.  I want them to be exposed to a variety of styles and looks so that they can choose what makes them feel good.  I see personal style as an art form. How you choose to decorate your body is no different than decorating a room in your home.  Clothing can make you feel beautiful, fancy, kick-ass, powerful; and clothing can make you feel crappy too. Making a conscious effort about what you put on your body can improve your emotional and mental state– for adults and children alike.

Because they grow so quickly, I don’t suggest spending a fortune on a child’s wardrobe if you can’t afford to. But I do recommend expanding your child’s options by shopping sales racks, second-hand stores, and looking for cute hand-me-downs. Only buy things that you absolutely love and that you know your child will wear and be comfortable in.In this shoot, I mixed Nordstrom, Target, and Tilly’s clothing to create some really cute looks that my girls loved!  They were glowing and excited and loved every minute.  Like teaching your child painting techniques or how to write their name, your child also needs to explore and be guided to find a style that suits their personality at this stage in their life. Not only is this a fun exploration but style plays an important role in their self-confidence and self-expression too!  Enjoy!! xo, Jessica

Skater Girl – On Madison (Above):  HAT: Tucker+Tate slouchy hat in Cream Vanilla & Gold from Nordstrom $16 TOP: Tucker + Tate High/Low Lace Tee from Nordstrom $22, LEGGINGS:Tucker + Tate Black Leggings from Nordstrom $16 (you can also find these here at Children’s Place for $6.75) SOCKS/LEG WARMERS: These are women’s boot socks from Journey’s that I cut into leg warmers $5 you can find these at Macy’s, Nordstrom and most shoe stores. SHOES: Dr. Martens ‘Delaney’ Boot for girls $75 at Nordstrom 

Classic Little Lady – On Madison (Above): DRESS: Ten Sixty Sherman Lace Trip Skater Dress from Nordstrom $42 BRACELET: Rolf Bleu ‘Madison-Initial’ Bracelet $12 from Nordstrom


Cali Girl – On Madison (Above): HEADBAND: Blk/Whte Bandana (roll it & tie it) from Tilly’s $3.99 TOP: Ethnic Cali Bear Tee from Tilly’s $19.99 SKIRT: Cherokee striped full skirt Target $14.99, SOCKS/LEG WARMERS: These are women’s boot socks from Journey’s that I cut into leg warmers $5 you can find these at Macy’s, Nordstrom and most shoe stores. SHOES: Dr. Martens ‘Delaney’ Boot for girls $75 at Nordstrom (she would not take the Dr. Martens off!!)

Comfy Spring – On Olivia (Above): HEADBAND: Toddler Floral Bow from Target $5, TANK TOP: White tank top from Target ROMPER: Grils’ Print Jumpsuit from Target $15 SHOES: Toddler Converse All Star Lo Sneaker in Red from Journey’s

Sweet – On Olivia (Above): HEADBAND: Toddler Floral Bow from Target $5, TOP: Soprano Sweet Tee from Nordstrom $24, SKIRT: Tea Collection Chambray Twirl Skirt from Nordstrom $35 (find similar at Lands’ End here for $12.99), LEGGINGS: Lace Leggings from Target (we bought these last year but a quick google search will find some) SHOES: Toddler Converse All Star Lo Sneaker in teal from Journey’s

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Nicole J February 12, 2015 at 4:16 am

What a great article. My two girls are teenagers now but I learned very early on that trying to make them wear the clothes that I liked, wasn’t worth the tears and frustration. The idea of buying clothes that you both like and not wasting money on things that they will never wear is perfect. I often found myself giving in and buying them that shirt that they just had to have, only to find it on the floor buried under a pile of clothes months later with the price tag still on it. Now I only purchase the clothes that I like, and if they want something else they have to pay for it themselves.
Madison and Olivia are adorable in those fashions, will those work for a 37 year old. Lol


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