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Celeb Mom Style Swipe: Jenna Dewan-Tatum

written by Jessica July 2, 2015



Jenna is a Wife, Mom, Actress and Advocate for some amazing causes. Check out her website! http://jennadewanunwrapped.com

There is not a celeb Mom out there whose style I love more than Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  She just has such an easy, effortless “I woke up like this” style about her that is also super chic, cool and comfortable. What I love most about Jenna’s style is that she doesn’t box herself into a trend, she’s not afraid to try different looks and she wears them all beautifully but I’ve noticed that the constant in her wardrobe is she’s always flirty and feminine whether it be with light girly pinks and nudes or ruffles or hearts, flowy tops and lace she always has a sweet note in her outfits. 

That being said, Summer is here and it can be challenging for us busy Moms to find outfits that are easy and quick to get out the door with kids in tow so it can be nice to seek out a little celeb inspiration. 

The key to a gorgeous wardrobe is having neutral base pieces that can carry you through all seasons that you can layer with seasonal pieces that can be stored when not using.  Jenna does a beautiful job of buying pieces that work in a lot of different seasons which is great on your wallet and makes getting dressed much easier when you really don’t have much time.  The pieces below, inspired by Jenna can be mixed and matched so many different ways you could literally create outfit after outfit without ever getting bored and so many of these pieces will carry you through the year.  

Keep in mind that we all have different body types and lifestyles so you don’t have to copy these looks exactly but use the general ideas and colors to guide you to make choices that work for your life. 

TIP:  Put aside a little time one night a week to put outfits together in your closet for the week so you can wake up and go!


100% of our profits from any of the items sold below will go to Cure Batten to learn more go to www.curebatten.org


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