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Fall Work Wardrobe Refresh with Ann Taylor!

written by Rayna October 15, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, I do have a day job.  I am in the world of IT, a world where jeans and T-shirts are king (or queen).  Sometimes I like to bust out of that mold and wear something fashionable.  Don’t get me wrong, comfort still prevails.  There is no better way to look cute, feel like a girl in a very nerdy world and still feel like you are wearing your favorite T-shirt.  Seems impossible?  Can’t be done?  YES. IT. CAN!!!!

I recently popped into Ann Taylor, one of my absolute most favorite stores.  Ann Taylor’s clothes are the perfect marriage between causal and dressed up.  Just about anything in their stores can be spiffed up to be evening wear or toned down for a day at the office.  I purchased some great stuff a few days ago and wanted to share it with you!  The other GREAT thing about Ann Taylor is that I have never been in one of their many stores (Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Ann Taylor Outlet) and not been able to find most items on some sort of sale or discount.  

Most of the items on this story board are currently 30% to 50% off!!!!  So stop by Ann Taylor and get your fall work wardrobe refreshed!

1.  Ponte Pencil Skirt – Twilight Grey Melange $59.00 

2.  Crossover Tubular Cuff – Gold $49.50

3.  Drea Block Heel Leather Pumps – Rosebud Blush $128.00

4.  Merino Wool Neck Sweater – Rosalie Pink $79.50

5.  Ponte Ankle Pants – Black $98.00

6.  Wallpaper Floral Scarf – Layla Pink $49.99

7.  Wave Jacquard Boat Neck Sweater – Winter White $79.50

8.  Boardwalk Sunglasses – Gold $48.00



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