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Practical & Stylish Basics for Moms

written by Jessica August 10, 2016

The beginning of a new school year is right around the corner and if your mornings with kids are anything like mine then you know how exhausting it can be when you’re racing to get up, get everyone fed and/or caffeinated (including yourself), dressed and off to their day.  There is nothing that makes those busy mornings harder than when you finally get that 5 minutes to pull yourself together  and you can’t find anything to wear or the brain capacity to put together a sensible outfit comfortable enough to face the day.  I think our biggest fears as Moms when it comes to our sense of style is the fear of becoming frumpy or losing our edge and it doesn’t have to be that way, your style should evolve with you as you mature so if you always stay true to dressing in what makes you feel confident and beautiful in your current life you’ll never get wrapped up in trends that make you feel like you’re trying to be someone you’re not. I put together these two easy looks with pieces that are accessible in all sizes and price ranges and can be put together in a number of ways and accessorized to suit YOUR current style, so don’t be afraid to use this as your starting point and add accessories or pieces that make you feel confident and inspired. 

In the next two weeks I’ll be posting about more ways to use these basics for all styles and occasions from carpool to the office and will be sharing some really great information on the importance of prepping your closet, so don’t miss that!



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(1 & 2) Pair any button down denim with (3.) your favorite legging or ponte pant (who doesn’t live in leggings these days?) and (6.) a cute earth tone sandal (because these will go with everything in your closet) then accessorize with (5.) mixed metal bangles and (4.) a delicate, simple necklace. Finish the look with your favorite stud or hoop earrings and throw your hair in a top knot or keep it down in relaxed beach waves. For colder climates swap the sandals for tall boots or booties and add a long sleeve white shirt under the denim with a warm scarf. SHOP THIS LOOK BELOW!


(1.) Pair a soft basic tee or tunic with (2.) a flattering pair of leggings or athletic pants (I prefer Zella or INC brands for a broad size range) then brighten these basics with (3.) a colorful and comfy athletic shoe or flat and accessorize with (4.) a simple, chic backpack or tote and a (5.) pretty watch or beaded bracelets. Style your hair in a messy bun, top knot, pony or braid to polish off this on the go look. You can hit carpool, the gym and all of your errands and look amazing in this. For colder climates throw on a zip up athletic jacket or hoodie (Nike, North Face, Zella are all great brands) with a soft beanie or baseball cap to keep warm. SHOP THIS LOOK BELOW!

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