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Booties & Boots for any Budget

written by Jessica November 27, 2014

I’M BRINGING BOOTIE BAAAAACK….okay sorry I had to do it! In all seriousness, are you guys as excited as I am for bootie/boot season!! (probably not likely because I geek out over this stuff) I must have spent 2 hours today milling through thousands of boots for you guys.  I’d like to say it was sheer torture so you can all feel indebted to me but I would be lying because I’m obsessed with boots, so it was fun!  Throughout the search I would randomly blurt out “ooh” “oh my G!” and those were the ones that made the cut, there were two pairs that made me say “holy sh!#!!” in the sweetest of ways, can you guess which two pairs?

I’m going to go over a few basic tips for buying boots if you need a refresher, if not shop away at the bottom of this page!!

xo – Jessica


One thing that always catches my eye in fashion is detail, extra stitching that’s not functional but beautiful, the shape and lines of the piece and how it will work with my body.  Looking for boots is no different.  You will often find that if you pay attention to stitching, lines and details you will find yourself running into some very pricey items.  So, if you’re looking for boots on a budget definitely shop the boots in your price range then narrow it down by seeking out the pair with simplest details, the best shape and a color that will crossover into other seasons.  If you’re not on a budget then this paragraph need not apply but call me, I’d like to shop with you. 😉


Before shopping for a tall boot be sure to measure the widest part of your calf with a measuring tape. The standard calf size on a tall boot is 14″-15.5″ so if you need a bigger calf size than that there are a few steps you can take to finding a great boot that will work for you.  If you find that your calf measurement is bigger than 15″  you will want to look for wide calf boots that are close to your measurement.  All online boot retails provide the calf circumference in the description so definitely look for that and give yourself a little wiggle room of at least 1/4″ depending on how loose or tight you like your boots to be.  Wide calf circumference ranges are typically 16″-18″ with extra wide being above 18″.  You can find some great wide calf and extra wide calf boots at Zappo’s or WideWidths.com.

If you have a great pair of boots that you’ve already purchased and love or you are right at the high end of the standard size calf circumference of 15″-15.5″ and need a little extra room in that boot shaft you also have the option of taking your beloved’s to a shoe cobbler.  Oh you thought those didn’t exist anymore? Well, they do, and they are amazing!  A shoe cobbler can do virtually anything you need done to any shoe, including calf stretching, replacing or repairing damaged shoes, etc.  Do a google search for a shoe cobbler in your area and make sure that they are a reputable company before trusting them with your boots.  I have met so many women (including myself) that avoid boots because of this issue and I’m here to tell you that even size 2 ladies need a boot stretch here and there.  So go get yourself some Fall boots girls!!


Depending on the boot you purchase you will also want to make sure that you purchase a leather/suede protector and shoe polish for leather.  Keep your boots clean and stored properly so they will have a long life span.  If you live in a place where it rains a lot (lucky!) I wouldn’t suggest suede boots for everyday wear instead go for a pair of quality leather boots (use the leather protector) or a really cute rain boot.  I always try to wipe down the soles of my boots with a baby wipe (aren’t baby wipes amazing?) after each wear or every other wear to keep them nice and use any polish or protector on an as needed basis.


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