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36 Fall Sweaters Under $36

written by Jessica November 30, 2014

I started wearing my Fall wardrobe in August when it was 100 degrees outside!  I love cozy, warm clothing so I’m happy to kiss Summer goodbye!  It really just started to get a bit chilly in Cali this week (low 60’s lol) and Winter is on the way.  So what better way to say goodbye to the warm weather than with 36 sweaters under $36?

I picked all of my favorite sweaters from top retailers this season and let me tell you some of these sweaters are retailing for $88, so while they may be inexpensive they are not cheap!

NOTE:  Need boots to go with these sweaters? Click here

xo- J

I hope you find something you LOVE, if you do send me a pic on Twitter or Instagram

#36sweaters! @TrendProper

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