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5 Tips to Protect Your Wardrobe

written by Jessica May 16, 2016

AwardrobestockIn the busy world of being a woman and all the important things that we have to juggle day-to-day it can seem silly to think that we need to find the time to “protect” our wardrobe. The truth is, women alone spend $750B annually on clothing and if you’re not protecting your investment you’re just throwing your money out the window. Most of the clothing we purchase only sees half its actual life expectancy because it’s not properly laundered or stored. I must admit, I  have spent $50+ on a top and only worn it twice because it got thrown into the wrong load of laundry never to be the same again. In this new series I’ll be giving you weekly tips for caring for your wardrobe and getting the most wear out of it! If you have a specific question you’d like me to answer send it in to me here:  ASK JESSICA

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When washing your jeans/denim turn them inside out to prevent the dye from fading and make sure all buttons and zippers are fastened so they don’t snag other items. 


Stuff your handbags with packing paper or old t-shirts and store them on a shelf, preferably in a dust bag. If you don’t have a dust bag you can use a pillowcase! The stuffing will maintain the bags shape while not in use and the dust bag will protect your handbag from dust and scratches.


If a tag says “Dry Clean Only” dry clean it. If it says “Dry Clean” this is a recommendation and it is typically safe to hand wash these items and lay flat to dry.

When you receive items back from the dry cleaner remove the plastic wrap immediately and transfer to items to felt hangers. Wire hangers will change the shape of your clothes and the plastic wrap will create humidity causing wrinkles and a funky plastic smell.


Avoid drying elastic on high heat. This includes bras, underwear, spanx and leggings. The heat of the dryer will ruin and wear out the elastic. If you can lay these items flat to dry then tumble dry on very low to no heat. When drying bras make sure they are fastened to avoid the hooks getting snagged or broken. If you can use a lingerie bag great, if not trying putting your delicates in a pillow case.


Have a favorite flowy top that is always wrinkled? As tempted as you are to throw a low heat ironing on it, please don’t! Hang your top on a hanger and use a handheld garment steamer like this one or leave it on the hanger in the bathroom while you shower, the steam from the shower will relax the wrinkles.

Check back next Monday for more Wardrobe Tips!

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