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written by Rayna September 6, 2017

Have you ever stumbled upon a hidden gem?  A place you feel certain if others knew about it then it would get tarnished.  I found that place.  I felt like I had stepped into another place and time, and well, actually I sort of did.  I was in Morsil, Sweden.  Over the summer we took our kids to Sweden to participate in a once in a lifetime opportunity and that was to attend a hockey camp in Ostersund.    What an amazing experience it was and we ended up seeing England, France and a wee bit of Norway on this trip too.  One of the days my boys were in the camp the fat guy and I (get used to it, that is what I call him…LOL) took a day trip to see Norway.  We drove to this little town called “Hell” — we love telling people we drove to Hell and back…yes, it’s funny.  On our way there we found the greatest cafe to have “Fika” (Fika is Swedish for a coffee break that’s more about socializing than drinking coffee. And something sweet is also welcome.)  Welcome to Kretsloppshuset!


We arrived about an hour before they actually opened, but the owner and the staff we so kind they let us in for some coffee and whatever danish and pie they had on hand ready to serve.  I certainly wish we could have stayed for their lunch service. The pictures their website look so yummy they jump off the screen.  The food we at was homemade and was fabulous.  Everything is organic and most of their fruits and veggies are grown right there on the restaurants property.  The lovely owner told me about how the cafe was founded as a co-op with 20 plus people and eventually it was not being run well and she just decided I will be a Doctor by day and run the cafe by night.  Her story was incredible.  They now have a full chicken coop, rose garden, fruit trees, green house full of veggies and the most beautiful cafe inside and out.  I just can’t get over the decor of this place.  It’s definitely something I have never seen before and is very special.  I hope you enjoy the pics of this little gem paradise!


Come see it through the lens of my camera and if you are ever in Morsil, Sweden you must make the stop!

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