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The “Art” of Blanket Storage

written by Rayna January 12, 2017

In some places winter has been well underway, but here in Southern California it simply hit us and we don’t know what to do!!!  Since recently remodeling and installing hardwood floors I have noticed that even though our temps are only in the 50’s (yes, rest of world we are freezing..) it’s just seems so much colder in my house.  I went to Costco and stocked up on fuzzy warmth, but now I have blankets EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!  I decided to buy a ladder to store them neatly in the living room, however there are many options out there and many of them can transition to other things when the blankets need to be put away in the summer months.

A super simple way is by using baskets or crates.  Here are some examples of how blankets can be easily accessed,  and still look beautiful in your home.  When the season is over you can put magazines in them or maybe put them outside with towels if you have a pool or spa.

One really cool way to store blankets is the ladder!!!  I have one of these in my living room.  There are some great “how-to’s” on Pinterest to make one or you can be like me because I am sometimes lazy and buy one!  World Market has a couple of options and they are affordable. I believe mine was only $12.99.  Check out how nice it looks:

If you have a flare for the “different”, but still need it to be pretty easily accomplished check out these concepts.  I am really liking the idea of towel racks/pipe on the wall.  If you have the right decor it would look fabulous ~

And last, but not least some really awesome furniture options. I love when everyday furniture is re-purposed in different ways and in my travels on the web to bring you these ideas I fell in love with these!  So may ways to change this up when blanket season is over (well, unless you live far north then blanket season may be year round!).  You can replace blankets with books, picture frames, games — the list goes on!

I love all of these ideas so much I wish I could do them all.






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