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What an Experience!

written by Jessica & Rayna February 14, 2016

One day back in October I was trolling through Facebook just like 3 billion other people and I stumbled across a cute little house listed “For Sale by Owner”.  A friend of mine posted it up and as I scrolled I stopped a little ways down and went right back up.  This cute little house was in a town I used to live in during the best years of my life when there were no responsibilities, my rent was $250 a month and the after party was always at my pad.  A town where 100 year old houses are not a thing of a past.  They actually live on and are sometimes sought after.  I looked at all the pictures.  The house needed work.  A lot of it….BUT the price was so right. 

I spent another day or two researching the rental market, housing market, renovation costs and the like.  This wasn’t my first rodeo, it was far from it.  I have remodeled 4 houses already and this was about to become number 5.  The biggest difference is I am a 1000 miles away and it needed more work than any other house I had touched so far.  Challenge ACCEPTED!!

We immediately started negotiating with the owners.  That was fun.  Well, not really they got scared in the middle of it and brought in a real estate agent “friend” who almost undid the deal because she got greedy and continued to show the house while we were under contract, but that is a whole different post!!!  Finally, after a bunch of back and forth (if you have never purchased a house this is pretty normal stuff) we closed and marched our butts right up to Oregon from California to see what the hell we just got ourselves into.  

We found a fantastic contractor.  His name is Jack Stewart of Pine View Construction and happens to be a long time friends dad.  I can’t thank him enough for coming to my rescue and taking his time and care to help me fix up this little house.  It truly was a team effort and I couldn’t have done any of this without him.  So fast forward to January 20th and my little house is done and ready to go up for rent.  Come along with me for the before and after pictures.  It’s pretty awesome if I don’t say so myself!

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