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Total Home Remodel – Part 1

written by Rayna January 27, 2017

Remodeling on any scale can be daunting, time consuming and of course expensive.  Remodeling one room can be done in a weekend if you are refreshing a bedroom or maybe a living room with no change to lighting or any flooring.  However, when you start dealing with plumbing, electrical and flooring things start to get tricky and can easily take longer than expected.  About 2 years ago I had a catastrophe in my house – the dreaded toilet leak in the wall.  Yes, gross.  It took that long to fight my insurance company to pay for the damages, not pay for my remodel, but at least cough up the cash that I paid my premiums for, however that is another post altogether!!!! So fast forward, we settle the case and now I am in full remodel mode!

During that two years I spent countless hours on Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV and a zillion other sites, shows and magazines.  I spoke to design centers.  Kitchen remodeling companies, flooring experts, tile stores, my real estate agent even to see what is trending.  I wanted to be sure what I wanted was not only beautiful and would make me happy, but also “fit” the trends well without going to crazy and worked for the type of house I have.  Additionally, didn’t put me in a place where I no longer could find a comp in my neighborhood because I installed marble that was imported from Italy (OK, let’s not get crazy….).  I wanted to be sure the design choices matched my vision, but also were affordable and “livable” for my family.  I didn’t want my house to be a place where you can’t hang out because it looked too much like a show piece.

In order to give each room their just do….and the fact that a few loose ends are not done (haha) I am going to give you the remodel in portions.  So let’s start with the kitchen!!!  Please have patience with me, the before pics I had to steal off Zillow from when my house was on the market and I am so grateful they were still there because I didn’t take any!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!

So the first image you see up top is one of the many inspiration images I found on the net.  I simply fell in love with the colors.  My house before was warm tones with lots of wood grain, browns, beige and even shades of mustard yellow.  I was over it and ready for a change.  I wanted to go with blues, grays and white.  I chose to have the island be a different color than the cabinets and I love it!

I chose a grey/blue glass tile back splash and decided to do a very simple subway style install.  When you start to add elaborate designs they go out of style quicker and might not be to everyone’s liking.  I am not planning on selling my house anytime soon, but I wanted to do something I really like with resale in mind too.  The counters are Caesarstone (quartz), practically indestructible!!!  Well, nothing surely is, but we have really put them to the test and they are holding up great for being white with gray veining.  The color is called Statuario Nuvo and I love it.  Here is a sample picture:

I really needed to keep this remodel on a tight budget mainly due to the fact there was so many other items to do in the house (two bathrooms, flooring throughout (upstairs and down!), living room, dinning room and the family room with a the removal of a built in entertainment center).  I had a budget of about $20,000 for the kitchen and that meant NO NEW CABINETS…..I know many people think refacing is maybe a little cheap.  It really depends on how good your existing base cabinets are and if you like the configuration.  Basically, if you don’t need to move pluming or any appliances then you can reface what you have for very little money (in the grand scheme of remodel it’s little, but it wasn’t cheap!).  I paid just $7,200 for all new door fronts and drawer fronts, new hardware and that included upgrading my cabinets to the slow close hardware.  A little note for anyone in the market for slow close hardware,  the physical metal contraption for that feature is HUGE so I lost some cabinet space.  It wasn’t much, but enough to have to reconfigure some things when I put my kitchen back together.  So have your cabinet company bring a set of hardware with them when they come to give you a quote so you can see.  I wish I had done that.  I might have forgone them, but they are in and I love them.   The hardware is brushed nickel cup pulls and simple knobs.  I am a “less is more” – “simple, clean” look type.

The cabinets and drawers are a shaker style and they were the most inexpensive style my cabinet refinisher had.  I literally bought the bottom of the barrel, but the quality is amazing.  They are heavy, close the gap between the doors that the old cabinets didn’t do – there used to be about a 2″ gap.  The process to lacquer the existing cabinets was horrible.  OH MY GAWD living without a kitchen was bad enough, but the smell was unreal.  We survived and they look amazing.  I just don’t know how the painter does that job for a living.  It made my eyes burn like fire.  Anyhow…tell me what you think.  I happen to love how it turned out.   If you are getting ready to embark on a kitchen remodel and have questions holler at me in email rayna@trendproper.com or leave a comment so everyone can see!

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