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Thanksgiving Tabletop: Rustic

written by Jessica & Rayna November 18, 2014


thanksrustic10We had so much fun doing our first photo shoot for Trend Proper this week.  Our goal was to show you ways that we decorate our holidays on the cheap and inspire you to do the same.  The holidays in all of their magical, wintery glory can be stressful, especially if you’re hosting!   There are so many ways to easily dress up your dining room table without breaking the bank by finding really beautiful pieces at great prices and combining them with things you already have.

If you’re having a “Friendsgiving” (a Thanksgiving with friends) it’s usually a more casual potluck in which case you can totally chat with your friends about what cool kitchen items they can donate to the table decor for that night, come up with a theme and see what you can pull together.  The girls and I had a blast shopping and talking about what we each had at home to contribute to the themes for this shoot and we are so proud of how beautiful and simple it turned out.

Rayna brought her gorgeous tall candle holders and flatware, I offered up my plates and chargers and Dana brought her napkin rings and candles and we included a few cool things we found on our shopping trip, some treats, glitter and a ton of mini pumpkins to create these two beautiful, yet, simple Thanksgiving table ideas.

I should note that I have a very small dining room so I came up with the idea to move the dining table into my yard for this photo shoot and I must say I loved it so much I will be moving it back out there for Thanksgiving dinner, but don’t tell my husband he has to move it again just yet 😉 If you have a nice backyard and live in weather where this would work, why not give it a try!? I promise you’ll feel like you’re at a restaurant and the kids can make all the mess they want, less stress for YOU!!

We hope you love what we put together, please send us photos of your holiday tables if you use any of our ideas or tips, we love to see your creations!!

xo – Jessica & Rayna

TIP:  To get the most bang for your buck only buy items you absolutely love and know you can use again throughout the year. I never, ever buy red and green for Christmas because it’s just not a good use of my money if I only use it at that one holiday.  Stick with basic white dishes, clear glassware and add your sparkle and pizzaz in your edible or reusable centerpieces!

How to get this look:

  1. To make the flower arrangements:  Mason Jars + Fresh Flowers (from your yard or local store) + Burn Orange Ribbon  (Vons floral dept.)+ Jute Cord (We got ours in store at Cost Plus for $4.99/10y but it’s not available online) + Chalkboard labels
  2. Centerpiece: Railroad tie or reclaimed wood ($21 at Home Depot – This is very heavy!! But sooo worth it!)
  3. Tabletop: Wine glasses (or use some you already have)
  4. Nantucket White Dinner Plates
  5. Nicole Miller Charger Plates (go under dinner plate):  We got these at Home Goods so there is no link but look for any vintage look gold/brown tone charger plate at Cost Plus, WalMart or Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  6. Wood bowl with apples
  7. Two tier pie stand:  Also from cost plus but not available online
  8. Pumpkins: We got these mini pumpkins in white and yellow at our local grocery store for .80 cents each.  Grab some gold metallic paint and glitter from a craft store and let the kids paint a few!
  9. Napkins (Any fabric tan/brown napkins will work)
  10. Twist Wire Gold Napkin Rings from Bed, Bath & Beyond
  11. Mommy “juice” jars
  12. Chalkboard
  13. Candles:  Grab a variety of sizes to make it look more rustic
  14. Table Runner
  15. Wood/glass bottle Sign holder + Chalkboard signs

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Kadrina Frank November 2, 2014 at 8:02 am

What kind of roses did you use? They are beautiful.

Jessica & Rayna November 2, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Hi Kadrina, thanks so much! The roses are a hybrid tea rose, the color is typically called “tequila sunrise”. Most major grocery stores carry these in the fall, they are beautiful and they last forever! -Jessica


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