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Mantle Basics

written by Rayna May 16, 2017

During the remodel I went back and forth about whether I should paint the fireplace in my living room/office white or black.  I ended up going with white and I am positive if I wanted to see my husband jump off a cliff all I have to do is strike up a conversation about how I think I should have painted it black.  I might do it just for my own pleasure watching him explode….

The fireplace is now painted.  It looks great and it took me a while to decide on what to do with the decor.  The room is a mix of traditional meets industrial.  The colors are grey, blue and white with some metallic accents.  After much deliberation I settled on a “white” theme for the mantle.

I picked up the giraffe’s from World Market months ago and decided I would work around them.  I have loved giraffes since I was a kid.  I don’t even remember when the obsession started, but I can tell you that when you have love for an animal you should keep it a secret or all your gifts for birthday’s and other holidays will be said animal.  And when I say ever gift I mean EVERY. STINKING. GIFT!  ….

It’s important to have an anchor in the center and then some weight on the sides.  On my mantle the blue tile mirror (World Market, again…I know I love that place) is my anchor and the giraffes are the weight.  And lastly, some filler for the center of the mantle.  This is where pictures, candles, books all come in.  Here is a great picture that depicts this concept I found on Tidbits & Twine .

For some additional weight I picked up some really beautiful white with grey/black spotted candle holders and the Buddha head from Home Goods.  In order to give the Buddha head some height to match up to the height of the candle holders I put it on top of some of my new favorite books!  You can pick up these lovely coffee table books from Blume Market.    The picture frames (ugh…I need to get “my” family in them not the fake family LOL) and the faux white flowers are from Home Goods as well.

Once I picked a color scheme, found the giraffes and made them the focal point, I then went on the hunt for the filler goods.  It all just fell into place perfectly.  It all matches well with the rest of the room and it’s simple.  I like it simple.  I am debating if I want to put some sort of basket with wood or blankets on the base of the fireplace or I am considering this look with candles or maybe lanterns.  I will update the post if I do it.  For now I hope this gives you some inspiration if you have a tired looking mantle.  My total cost was about $350!!!  Not too bad.



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