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Amazing Tips to Revive Hydrangeas

written by Katie January 10, 2015


There isn’t anything quite like the feminine beauty of hydrangeas. With their soft petals and strong, woodsy stems—they are one of my favorite flowers to display in my home.

These beauties can be quite delicate (ok, let’s be honest—they are downright temperamental) but with a bit of extra care and attention, you can have long-lasting hydrangea stems that will brighten any room for days.

The main reason wilting is so common in hydrangeas is lack of water flow to the head of the flower. Combined with normal floral care, these tips will help keep your blooms hydrated and healthy:

1) The leaves will only steal precious water from the head of petals. Remove most (or, better yet, all) of the leaves from each stem for maximum flow to the top of the stem.

2) Cut stems (at a 45 degree angle) to the desired length and dip into boiling water for 30 seconds. This releases sap that can cause blockages in the stem. After removing from boiling water, immediately place stems into a prepared vase with water.[/text_output][text_output]3) Hydrangeas draw water from both their stems and petals, so it is best to hydrate the flowers both ways. Once arranged, spritz the heads directly with room temperature water daily.

4) And just when you think there isn’t any life left in those lovely blooms, it is time to rehydrate! Submerge the entire flower in tepid water and allow to rest for 20 minutes. Gently drip dry and place into a prepared vase with fresh water. Be patient and in about 40 minutes you should have a revived arrangement. It truly is magic!

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