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Shop the Look: Cat Mountain

written by Jessica November 26, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.50.11 PMThis living room coined the “Cat Mountain Residence” has been a major player on houzz.com for quite sometime.  I literally see this photo every time I go on there.  The airy tones in the furniture and rug accessorized with slightly bolder tones of tans, browns and blues really open up this room even more and give it such a relaxing and tranquil feel.  You could recreate a similar look in your own living room whether you’re in the city, country or overlooking the beach this look can lend a warm homey feeling with a fresh spin on any space big or small.

TIP: When you see a room like this that you want to mimic in your own home, don’t feel the need to make it an exact copy.  If your budget allows you to purchase a few splurge items buy the pieces you really love and will cherish for years to come and mix and match them with you budget pieces.  In the end, the look will be just as beautiful!  If you’re really on a budget, shop pieces that have the attributes you love about the room.  Is it the color scheme? The lines and shapes of the furniture? Pinpoint what it is that you love about the room and shop with that in mind.

TIP: If you can’t afford a full room renovation off the bat then go ahead and create a budget and purchase items as you can afford them until you achieve your desired look, beauty can’t be rushed!

TIP:  Be picky!! It is very rare that something you find will sell out, never to be found again. Don’t talk yourself into making a purchase that you are not absolutely in love with, you can always come back to it later if you decide you want it. If you rush your purchases, I guarantee you those items will be in the driveway at your next garage sale or going off to Goodwill.  Be picky about what you buy, take your time and create an artful room that shows your personality and makes you feel good to be home!



Image Source: www.houzz.com


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