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Bring the Spa Home!

written by Rayna February 2, 2017

A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and buy a spa membership at this great spa chain here in Southern California called Burke Williams.  It’s like a Disneyland for grown ups (although I personally love Disneyland too…) It’s tranquil, aroma therapy every where, fluffy towels, bubbling water…you get the idea.  My membership is almost up and I am pretty sure I am going to let it lapse.  It’s not super expensive and I really love going there, but justifying the expense when I have two kids in travel hockey, a house that still needs some work and well just life is making it hard to put that $89 bucks up each month.

BUT, the bliss of the spa doesn’t have to be over.  It can live on, however in my own bathroom.  I happen to have a lovely tub separate from my shower (lucky me!). You don’t have to have that to turn your bathroom into a spa.  As a matter of fact in my research for this post I found plenty of sites and pics that show a shower/tub combo AND plenty of pics of tiny bathrooms too!  So any size will fit all, I promise!!!  So take a look at these ideas and if you want to see more head on over to Trend Proper on Pinterest to see more great concepts and ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa paradise.

Candles, Containers and Toiletries

To get started this may require you clean out your bathroom cupboards, drawers and medicine cabinet in order to put your every day items away.  You want to use the counter space, area around the tub, back of the toilet, or any other free standing cabinets/shelves for things like candles or potentially containers you can put soaps, bath salts or scrubs in.  Another great thing to put out is toiletries like q-tips, cotton balls, mouth wash with Dixie cups, to name a few things.  Here are a couple of visuals to give you some ideas.

Picking up a little tray like in the Stuart Graham Fabrics image adds that “spa” touch.  You can get simple touches like that tray at Target, World Market or Bed Bath & Beyond.  Also, if you love the labels on the Lia Griffith images you can download them HERE to put on jars and containers of your choosing.  It’s an editable PDF and it’s FREE!!!!!!!  You can order water proof labels for printing at World Label.

Towels and Drying Mats

One of my favorite things about the spa is the fluffy towels.  Often, just a bath towel reboot is enough to make your experience in the tub or shower that much more glamorous.  However, take it up a notch by incorporating some teak drying mats or use stones.  For the towels, just to make them a little more elegant  you can roll them and place in baskets, get a towel ladder (see Blanket Storage post for more towel storage ideas).  The wood mats can be purchased at many retailers of fine bathroom products (whoa….that just sounded way to “market-y” even for me..) or you can make them.  I found many DIY examples on Pinterest.

Simple Remodel Additions

Two super simple and not very costly upgrades to your shower and you can really drive home the spa feel.  Replacing your shower bottom with either teak or bamboo flooring is as easy as going to Home Depot or for a more permanent fixture you can redo the bottom of the shower with stones and grout them in.  Here are some samples:

Tub and Shower

This gets you a lot of spa bang for your buck!  If you have a big enough free standing shower a bench or small wooden shelves look amazing and provide that spa feel instantly (also remember to put some loofas, good smelling bath gels and a long handled back scrubber too!)  You can honestly find this stuff everywhere now.  Target, World Market, Amazon, Home Goods — all stores that sell home good have this stuff.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  For the Tub, if you happen to have the ability to use a tray they can turn your bath from just a soak to a blissful wine and reading soak.  Turn on some good easy listen or maybe the sounds of a waterfall…either way with a tray and maybe some candles you can sit back and relax.  I have zero advice on how to keep your kids and your husband away.  Sorry.

Seating and Other Inspiration

For those of you that have a large bathroom and you can put in a nice bench, ottoman or even a really nice chair I say go for it.  Here are some great visuals of seating in the bathroom (I know seems weird at home, but you wouldn’t think so at the spa right???) —

If you do nothing else…..whatever you do,  DO NOT forget the Bath Bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can get the most awesome bath bombs from our store Blume Market….check them out!!!!

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