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Black and White Decor

written by Rayna January 22, 2017

Are you the bold, think out of the box type?  Yeah me too and right now I am LOVING black and white decor!

You don’t have to live in a hip loft apartment in New York to transform a room (or two) using black and white decor.  If you are really bold, you can use some crazy cool wallpaper like these:

If that takes things a little too far, scale it back and use black and white accents, such as chairs, throw pillows, all black picture frames to name a few!  That way your commitment is low, but I bet if you start small you will find yourself wanting more like this!  Isn’t it fabulous, with just a simple touch of hot pink.  I can’t get enough of this!

I love it so much and for those that share this love I made a Black and White Decor Pinterest board for you to soak up and enjoy.  Also, look how easy it is to find simple, yet elegant B&W Decor.  Everything on this board is either from World Market, Overstock, Target or Houzz.  Just to get the creative decor thoughts flowing!  Send in your B&W decor pics!  I would love to update this post with your designs!!! (rayna@trendproper.com)

I sometimes think interior design is better than, chocolate.  Haha…you thought I was gonna say something else huh?  You did…admit.

Happy Designing!



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