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A Positively Happy Mudroom

written by Jessica January 24, 2015

Photo Source: House Beautiful

I love mudrooms, it sounds ridiculous I know, but it is true.  When hubby and I get our dream home it will have a big mudroom you can be certain of that.  I know that some people don’t think they’re necessary (especially those of us in California) and some people simply don’t have the space, like me.  

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and was so inspired by this bright, cheery mudroom I had to share! So, I put together a Shop the Look (below) to show you how easy you can DIY a similar mudroom or mudarea!  

Most everyone has a spot in the house, typically near the front or back door where everyone drops their shoes, keys, purses, backpacks and briefcase after a long day.  For a Mom it can be a true nightmare to turn around to a pile of clothes and stuff blocking your front door.  

I hope that the items I’ve found here will guide you in the right direction to getting an organized and please area in your home to walk in the door too.  I will be doing this in my house soon and will post pics!  

xo, Jessica 





Click the photo to the left to shop this look, scroll to the bottom of this post or simply click here to be redirected! 


STEP 1 – TWO KEY PIECES: The most important part to creating a functional mudroom is finding two key pieces, a wall shelf with cubbies and hooks and a bench with cubbies or storage space.  I love the pieces I found her because you literally get a ton of storage out of these and they are fairly inexpensive.  I am also sure that if you want to go even less expensive Ikea has great options.  I mixed and match a gray wall shelf with a white bench you can essentially buy these in whatever colors you’d like, if you want to be a little risky go with mismatched colors or go all white and keep it basic so you can get really pretty with your pillow and decor. 

STEP 2 – SELECT YOUR WALL COLOR: If you’re not going to keep your current wall color and you have a space that will have a dedicated wall why not go with something bright and fresh?  The three paint colors shown here are from Sherwin Williams.  If you want to play it safe go with Agreeable Gray or another muted tone that isn’t white, it will still create a beautiful contrast against your white bench/wall shelf.  If you want to be a little risky go with a minty or sea foam color like Mint Condition its beautiful, refreshing and not basic white!  Lastly if you really want to get funky and I suggest you do go with a color like Ardent Coral, this is similar to Fresno by Benjamin Moore which is used in the House Beautiful photo above.  This color is bold and beautiful and will brighten your day, I promise! 



STEP 3 – CREATE A COOL DIY CHALKBOARD: One of my favorite things to do when I can find the time is to write my kiddos notes to stick in their lunch bag, folder or under their pillow.  It makes them so happy to find a secret note from Mom.  How fun would it be to have a chalkboard (in any size you choose) right by your front door where you can write love notes, reminder or your schedule for the day! This amazeballs chalkboard contact paper is so cool, measure where you want it to go, cut it and stick it on!  Once you have the contact paper placed you can grab some thin moulding like this one from Home Depot (you should only need one!) and using a nail gun frame your chalkboard paper! 

FINAL STEPS:  Once you have all of your supplies and decor you will want to go in this order:

  1. Prime/Paint your wall and allow to dry overnight
  2. Place your bench and measure out your chalkboard height and width
  3. Once you know where everything will be place you can hang your wall shelf (make sure you use wall anchors for those heavy coats and bags!)
  4. Decorate with pillows, small hand towels, a basket for dirty things and these amazing jars from the Queen of Mason Jars Jessie Jane at Lilyshop.com – make one or two of these jars for flowers, pens/pencils (when they kids are rushing out the door) and place them on a small side table with school folders or paper. 
  5. Enjoy!! 



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Katie February 12, 2015 at 4:04 pm

I wish I had a mud room. They can be so functional… especially here in Washington. Saving these tips for the next house 😉

Buffy October 28, 2016 at 1:54 pm

Hi, I just hopped over to your web-site via StbopleUumn. Not somthing I would generally browse, but I liked your views none the less. Thank you for creating some thing well worth reading through.


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