Home Interiors 4 Ways to Achieve a More Open Aesthetic Without Knocking Down Any Walls

4 Ways to Achieve a More Open Aesthetic Without Knocking Down Any Walls

written by Rayna September 30, 2016

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The most popular trend in home design is open living spaces. High ceilings are the hallmark of this ubiquitous movement. While tall ceilings are a feature of newer homes, they’re not as commonplace in dwellings built a few decades ago. If you’re looking to achieve a fresh, bright and open aesthetic without knocking down walls or necessarily owning high ceilings, there are many options available.

Here are four ways to achieve an open aesthetic–no bulldozing required:

Pile on the Paint

A living room feels large and airy with the use of accent wall paint. Going gray over the fireplace draws the eyes up and down and creates a longer and higher ceiling effect. Floor to ceiling curtains also impart a feeling of openness and more grandeur in this compact family area.

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Stick with Monotone Furniture

A modern living space feels light and welcoming with a bit of neutral furnishings and colorless décor. Plain and simple shades make this space feel bigger and grander. Cracking French doors further enhances the open-air feel of this dining and living space.

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Dial Up the Texture

A rocky fireplace wall, a fuzzy rug and soft throw pillows make this midcentury living space feel more decadent and somehow bigger. Using a variety of different textures adds layers of richness to this family common area and gives this space cool sophistication.

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Play with Patterns and Print

Filling a multi-functional room with tons of playful prints gives it a sense of synergy. From a cheetah ottoman to floral pillows and geometric bar stools, this funky space is more dynamic and open with lots of zany design motifs.

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Guest Post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor

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