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Trend Proper is all about trending real Moms!  Whether you are a working Mom, a Stay-at-home Mom or something in between you will find great information, tips and stories that will inspire you and hopefully make you realize that what YOU can do is enough.  There is no competition here, there are no good vs. bad Moms.  We love to put the spotlight on amazing Momma’s that are juggling career and kids as well as amazing momma’s in the trenches of motherhood every minute of their day.  There is something beautiful about each and every one us and on Trend Proper you are our celebrity!  

Our Mission: Fashion, Food & Motherhood with a side of wine!



Founder & Chief Creative Ninja

My name is Jessica.  I am a very tired Mommy of two really freaking cute, yet unpleasantly sassy (I have no idea where that came from) little girls. My 6 year old was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 12 months old, she is an amazing little being not to be held down by much of anything, she’s truly a rockstar. My 3 year old was born with 3 ventricular septal defects (holes in her heart) she is my sweet, sensitive cuddle bug, I will blog about them often. I am married to a sweet, loving, naive and very needy tech geek, his love language is touch (at least that’s what he tells me). I am a very sarcastic, often annoyed, perfectionist that enjoys making things pretty, renovating anything I can get my hands on and being at home (because I don’t like people much). I like root canals far more than I like mornings.  No one is allowed to talk to me or make eye contact with me in the morning…unless they have a death wish.

I’m a Cali girl through and through, born and raised.  I worked a full time job at 19 years old while putting myself through college where I graduated magna cum laude with an Associate’s degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising.  I worked in the costume department of the hit TV show Without a Trace and worked in design and merchandising for Seven Jeans, Jessica Simpson, Harley Davidson, JC Penney and my own line of handbags.  I’ve also been known to makeover people off the street, houses, yards, furniture, you name it I’ll dress it!

I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home Mommy.  My family is my life, they come before anything else.  I have chosen to work and continue learning and growing in my skill-set to show my girls that in addition to being a Mother (if that’s what they choose) they can add beauty and value to the world in so many other ways too.  Women are powerful, powerful creatures when we allow ourselves to stop comparing, stop competing, let go of insecurities and embrace and apply the talents we’ve been given.  This is something I’m currently working on mastering.

I hope, that you’ll come to Trend Proper to learn more about us, read our silly yet highly useful blogs and interact with us and I hope that after you do all of that you’ll feel inspired, happy and able to be ok with not being a perfect Mom, because none of us are! 



Founder & Jedi Food Master

My name is Rayna.  I am the mother of two stinky, adorable, opinionated (pretty sure I know where that came from, and so will you as you get to know me)little boys.  I am the wife to one large, hairy, Russian computer nerd.  And I am a high school dropout that is 3 classes away from her Master’s degree.  Whew….
I grew up in Northern California, did some time in Oregon (set aside a couple of hours for that story…) and for the past 18 years have been in Southern California living the dream!  Oh wait….I have a full time job, husband, kids and laundry too.  Sometimes I get my dreams confused with my real life.
I value my family and friends and you will see me blog about them often.  I love to drag them all over to my house to try some crazy new recipe or food that I have discovered (damn you Pinterest!!!).  I love spending quality time doing the things that I love.  I definitely like to schedule my job around my social life, rather than the other way around.  I have not been too successful with that part,  so please tell me if you are and how you do it!
I, like many of you live in the “sandwich” generation where my kids are still young, but my parents are needing me to take care of them too.  I just wished I could have picked what sandwich I wanted, because I would have definitely taken a Philly Cheese Steak instead.  
When I think about where I thought I would be when I grow up vs. where I am I would have told you 25 years ago that an ice skating champion was definitely on the table (true story), but alas where I did land is not what I expected, however I will take it and wouldn’t change a thing.  
Welcome to my world, betcha we have lots in common.